CPA located in Santa Fe, New Mexico specializing in Construction and Real Estate accounting, consulting and tax advice. Services include estate planning, tax planning and financial management consulting. Back to top

Our Services and Philosophy

Personalized service and continual communication is the philosophy of our client service. Many competent firms exist that can provide the necessary, but routine, services needed by most organizations. However, a truly effective CPA -- client relationship goes far beyond those certain required functions. For that reason, we strive to work with our clients in a way, which allows them to utilize our experience, skills and expertise.

Clients can benefit from our knowledge and skills in areas of Federal taxation and general business and management advisory services in areas and activities such as:


  • Payroll and bookkeeping
  • Business continuity and estate planning
  • Business and personal financial planning
  • Tax planning and tax advice
  • Income tax deferral possibilities
  • Selection of entity and accounting methods
  • Computer assistance in purchasing, training, and operations
  • Cash management techniques
  • Our product recognition within the surety and banking environments
  • Our ability to problem solve in any situation with creativity and logic
  • Compiled, reviewed and audited financial statements


Continual communication is essential to an effective working relationship. For that reason, we encourage our clients to call or meet with us to discuss any questions that do arise from time to time. To stress the importance of this type of communication, it is our policy not to bill for the time involved in discussing these types of items requiring nominal professional time.

Overall, we perceive our role with a client as an advisor to management. We dedicate our time to assist with the review and analysis of in-house financial reports, consultation on asset purchases and sales, analysis of job performance or whatever the client needs or requests.